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Go Solar — It’s a cinch
Go solar for ZERO down and start saving immediately

Ambassador Solar is not only the area’s most credentialed solar installer, but is also the company that trains other solar companies!

Solar installation is what we do, and using the most highly trained and knowledgeable
professionals in the industry is how we do it.

We custom design a system based on your home’s layout and your family’s energy needs.

Ambassador Solar Gives You Options

Why continue to watch your electricity rates climb?

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Watch Your Savings Grow Over Time

With our $0 down solar option your payments are fixed, so as the utility companies raise rates your savings will continue to grow. You don’t have to worry about escalation clauses or prepayment penalties there’s just one low fixed monthly payment so your savings increases over time.

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Our sales team is available to answer your questions and guide you through the solar installation process.

Like most large purchases, buying outright means saving money in the long run by avoiding interest payments. Choosing to purchase and own your power and the system that produces it allows your savings on electricity to pay off your investment faster. At first glance, the cost of a system can be pretty daunting, but you can expect it to be whittled down quickly by solar rebates and tax credits. System owners receive that incentive money sooner and in full, as opposed to having it built into a monthly payment.

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* There may be a small up front payment and a small remaining electric bill. This will vary based on system size and solar exposure. $0 down and flexible financing options
not available in all states. Please contact us for details.