Steps To Go Solar

Steps To Go Solar

Going solar is as simple as this:

Step 1. Evaluate Your Home

Do you own your home?
Do you have roof space – with little or no shading – facing south, east or west?
Do you pay $100 or more a month for electricity?

If you answered YES to all three then you can say YES to solar – keep going!

Step 2. Get A Free Solar Consultation

Now that you’ve done the initial evaluation, one of our solar experts will provide a free in-depth solar consultation. After this quick analysis, we can advise you whether solar is a wise investment for your home.

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Step 3. Select Your Payment Option

We don’t just design solar energy systems, we design flexible payment plans to fit just about any budget. Would you like to buy your system outright or continue to pay monthly for the power you use?

- Purchasing and owning your solar power system locks in low rates (and free energy after the system has paid for itself), and puts rebate money in your pocket sooner.

- Financing through our $0 down solar option offers little to no down payment, locked-in rates and complete care of the system and all components.

Step 4. System Installation

Ambassador Solar will manage every aspect of installation – beginning with permits and rebate paperwork all the way to switching it on – and guarantee the installation goes as planned. Our certified installers will get the job done safely and professionally so you can enjoy the seamless transition to clean, renewable energy produced on demand at your home.

Step 5. Turn On Your System & Start Saving

Once installation is complete, we’ll activate your system and set you up with web-based monitoring. This service helps us ensure everything is performing as expected, and it’s a convenient and powerful way for you to keep track of your electrical production and use – and frankly, it’s kinda fun to watch!